Nagarhole National Park

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Overview-Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

The name “Nagarahole” or “Nagarhole” is a combination of two words.  “Naga: in Kannada means snake, specifically cobra, and “Hole” means stream in Kannada.  Nagarhole can be literally translated as snakes and streams.  However, Nagarhole is much more than that.  Nagarhole Tiger Reserve is also called as Rajiv Gandhi National Park and it is located in Kodagu and in th Mysore District.  The language spoken in this place is Kannada, which is the official language of Karnataka.

Nagarhole is the officially announced 37th tiger reserve in the country of India.  UNESCO has also declared it as the World Heritage site for its flora and fauna.  Three parks, i.e., Bandipur, Mudumalai & Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are located adjoining to each other.  Bandipur is located in the territory of Karnataka and Mudumalai and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala respectively.  While the landscape of Wayanad and Mudumalai are thick, bamboo bushes predominante Bandipur giving it a high advantage of chances of sighting elephants on the main roads and tigers during safari more than the former two locations.  However, Wayanad Wildlife leads to Kalpetta and Wayanad that hosts a few sightseeing places and lot of resorts and homestays and some properties do have packages for honeymooners too

Nagarhole forest which is identified as tiger reserve is a heaven for wildlife.  From predators like tigers and leopards, other animals like striped hyena, sloth bear, and other herbivores like chital, elephants, Barking Deer and Sambar Deer can also be spotted around the national park.  Nagarhole Forest runs a safari in the morning and evening in their department buses.

What we can do at Nagarhole Tiger Reserve?

You can do a leisure stay or a wildlife visit or you do an adventure during your stay

  1.  Bus Safari run by forest department.  You can stay in the forest guest house which is very basic and do the safari or you can stay at homestays and resorts verified and booked by Chris Vacations and you can come to the safari point and do the safari.
  2. Iruppu waterfalls:  You can do a half-a-day visit to Iruppu waterfalls and enjoy the falls.
  3. Brahamagiri trekking.  This is for the trekkers who can do the trekking at Brahamagiri with the forest department permission.  The package will cost your trekking + any permission + food + stay.  This may entail around 2 nights and 3 days approximately.

Homestays & Resorts at Nagarhole Forest and Kutta

There are plenty of good homestays and resorts right at the beginning of Nagarhole Forest and after the forest.  There are also good properties at Kutta region.  Kutta region is more favorable due to its closest proximity to safari point and Iruppu waterfalls.

There are budgeted homestay and resorts to middle range homestay resorts in and around Nagarhole and Kutta.  Guests can have a wonderful stay experience at coffee estate with good food.

Nagarhole Forest which comes under the Coorg region gives you the experience of tranquility of staying in mist of coffee plantation in Kutta, which is located in south Coorg and that falls in close proximity to Nagarhole wildlife.

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