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Mithila Nature Stay is a beautiful homestay located in the heart of Agumbe.  Operational from couple of years, Mithila Nature Stay has become the most lovable homestay by many.  With the best ambience, food, and hospitality, many guests have repeated over the years.

About Mithila Nature Stay – Homestay

Mithila Nature Stay is in the located in Agumbe.  It is located in a very quiet and serene location.  Though Mithila Nature Stay is away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet it is quite near to the city for any accessible needs.  Mithila Nature Stay is a 2 acre arecanut plantation stay.  As we start walking down towards the homestay from the parking lot, we can feel the essence of nature all around us.  The verdant green atmosphere created by lovely plantation areas, the sound of gentle stream tickling our minds to wonder where the waters would be, and the pleasant chirp of the birds rejuvenates our minds and assures that our stay would be extra ordinary in the lap of nature.

The beauty of nature is felt all over Mithila Nature Stay.  This is the place to de-stress your mind from the daily stressed filled city life.  Night seems to be so calm and soothing unlike the cities’ painful and irritating traffic and movement of the people.  Being in the nature itself is such a blessing that all our stressed related sickness are healed, Mithila Nature Stay, homestay, serves such a pleasant stay experience to all its guests that everyone wants to either extend the stay or definitely come back again.


Agumbe which falls under the district of Shimoga, is known for its highest rainfall in Karnataka.  It is called the second Chirapunjee of Karnataka State.  Monsoon seasons are pretty with rains thumping heavily all across Agumbe.  Movement during becomes challenging in Agumbe during monsoon season.  Houses need to be covered with plastic sheets to protect from ravaging rains.

Agumbe is still untouched on commercialization aspects.  We can still feel the native and local beauty of the place.  Apart from few lodges and restaurants, Agumbe is still untouched by commercialization giants.  Thereby, Agumbe still provides a destination that everyone would want to visit in this modern age of commercialized lifestyle.

Agumbe became popular even by the media because of the popular TV serial, “Malgudi Days” directed by Late Shankar Nag.  Malgudi Days was shot in the Dodda Mane of Kasturi Akka as well as in around Agumbe.  With its western ghats scenically all around, Agumbe became much more popular even to this date.  Many sightseeings places are located in and around Agumbe.  Agumbe Rainforest Research Station and Sunset Point is a beauty of its own.  Trekking and other waterfalls are nearby giving the guests a vast option to explore Agumbe. 

Agumbe can be reached from Chikmagalur, Shimoga and Mangalore through the most notorious ghat section.  The lifestyle at Agumbe is so simple till date that one can find very, very few shops.  Even for any basic healthcare facilities, one has to go to Theerthahalli, Shimoga, or Manipal.  Guests need to carry all possible necessaries in case they travel around Agumbe.  Nonveg is the main delicacy of Agumbe with regular chicken, pork, mutton, and fish in the menu.

Stay at Mithila Nature Stay – Homestay

Mithila Nature Stay, the cozy homestay, is located in the 2 acre plantation of arecanut trees.  There are 3 rooms.  Two rooms are adjacent to each other sharing common portico.  These rooms are very suitable for groups and as well as couples and families too.  Each room has capacity to accommodate 5 adults comfortably.  Both rooms have toilets with western commode.  Cottage is just around 10 to 15 feet away from these standard rooms.  Cottage has the capacity of 6 adults with attached toilet with western commode.  Cottage has its own private sitting area where guests can play carom or any other game and relax.  All the rooms and cottages face plantation area.  Watching the plantation is really a pleasant thing to the mind.  As the evening falls, the sounds of birds, cricket, and the gentle stream starts taking over the atmosphere.  Even the silence and darkness is a beauty that can be experienced here.

Just a little walk from the cottage towards the plantation area, one can find the way to the stream.  The gentle stream flows from the Jogi Gundi Falls.  One can sit on the stony steps and dabble the feet in the water and allow the spa fish to nibble around your feet.  Sitting in this stream, the time flies away without knowing how long one has been in the stream.  Spending time in and with nature is definitely a great deal of profitable investment to your health.

Mithila Nature Stay – Homestay, offers a homely made tasty food.  Mr. Pandu, the cook, is an expert in cooking local cuisines.  Be it from regular curry, rasam, rice, veg and nonveg items, chutney and other items, one can get delicious food at Mithila Nature Stay.

During the harvest time, one can get the chance to see how farmers jump from one long arecanut to other harvesting the crops.  Many guests would like to visit Mithila Nature Stay – homestay – just to see this feat.  There is an old choultry with heritage history of 250 years just at the beginning of Mithila Nature Stay.  Guests can just go have photo sessions at that choultry.

Sightseeing Around Mithila Nature Stay – Homestay

Sunset View Point is just 1.5 kms away from Mithila Nature Stay.  Guests can just drive down and come back in time comfortably to Mithila Nature Stay, homestay.  Agumbe Rain Forest Research Station is another added attraction.  As one can recall, Agumbe is known for King Cobra, however, nothing to worry as you find the king everywhere.  One may find him at dense forest.  If guests are interested to know about King Cobra, then Mithila Nature Stay can arrange a day program with the naturalist.  Sirimane waterfalls and Barkana waterfalls are waterfalls where one can enjoy the waters.  Kundadri Hills and Narasimha Parvatha are beautiful fills to climb on.  Trekking is available for Narasimha Parvatha.  Packed food will be provided by Mithila Nature Stay- Homestay – for trekkers who would like to trek Narasimha Parvatha.

Accessibility to Mithila Nature Stay

There are few buses coming from Shimoga and Bangalore too.  Therefore, if one does not have their own transportation, they can still avail the public and private transportation service and reach Agumbe.

Hospitality at Mithila Nature Stay

Mr. Prasad and Mr. Bhaskar, the hosts at Mithila Nature Stay provide an excellent hospitality service.  Chris Vacations provides the exclusive booking service for Mithila Nature Stay – homestay.  Guests need to produce soft copy of valid govt ID cards to initiate booking and need to produce hard copy at the time of check in at the homestay.  50% of the package amount needs to be paid for booking confirmation and balance amount needs to be paid at the time Chris Vacations provides the feasibility of net banking transfers, UPI, and debit and credit card (with payment gateway charges and GST charges applicable for credit card and debit cards).  Guests can clarify all doubts regarding the homestay and packages with Chris Vacations before booking.  Chris Vacations ensure that all guests will have a complete clarity about the package before the booking so that the guests will have hassle free stay and booking.

Booking – Mithila Nature Stay – Homestay

Chris Vacations can be contacted on below information.  We will be glad to assist to you in your query anytime.

Mobile:  (+91) 84311 88139


See you soon at Mithila Nature Stay – a homestay in the nature!

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